Is Prison A Taboo Subject In Schools - By Pam

Hi PFV.. I haven't emailed you for some time but would like to chat about prisoners children and schools.
I'm not sure whether this applies to all schools, but I feel the school my daughter goes to ignores the prison issue. I know ( from being told ) that my daughter isn't the only child in her school that has a parent in prison.
In fact, there are a number of children. I felt compelled to write about this after reading the latest post on your blog, 'prison isn't uncommon these days'. I have tried to talk to the headmistress at my daughters school and whenever I do, I get the feeling that she knows there are children with a parent in prison, but it is rarely spoke about. I wouldn't say that she pulled her face about the subject, because I would by lying, but she certainly didn't seem overly interested. Can I ask any of your other readers if they have the same problem please?

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