It's A Fact Sex Takes Place In Prison's - By Sharon

Dear Prisoners Families Voices. I watched the debate with John Hirst and Mark Williams-Thomas on the ITV This Morning programme a few weeks ago. The debate if you remember was about whether or not prisoners should be allowed to have a sexual relationship whilst in prison. I have read a few posts on your website regarding this and I agree with them all. Sex does take place in prisons and has done for centuries.
Prison Officers have been fired for engaging in sex with prisoners and same sex couples have sexual relationships in prison too. My brother met his now partner in prison, but that's another story for another time.
The Government along with The Prison Service know exactly what goes on in their establishments too. Mark William's-Thomas is obviously clueless. OK, I am not going to rant and rave about same sex couples having sexual relationships in prison, but come on, if The Prison Service are giving condom hand outs, then is this not discriminating heterosexual couples? Because from where I am standing it does!
The answer you are guaranteed to get from The Prison Service is this; They say that technically sex is not permitted in prison, but they are unable to stop it. Why then would they encourage it by issuing condoms? As I said, my brother met his now partner whilst he was serving a prison sentence, so I would have loved to have been given the opportunity to appear on the TV debate and ask Mark Williams-Thomas how he felt about that. And yes, before any one asks, he did have sex in prison with his partner! Great blog! I hope to contribute more in the near future. Love and light, Sharon x