No Remorse For Victim - By Alan


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Hi all.. I will use my freedom of speech to reply to Prison Widow's comment. I do not condone crime of any sort, and those who commit it should be brought to justice. However, I do think that Prison Widow has a point. Three years ago, I thumped a youth that was constantly harassing my mother. It wasn't a great choice by my good self, and I ended up with a fine for common assault. The youth, after throwing eggs at my mothers window, calling her grotesque names, and clung on to the hands of social workers when caught shoplifting, claimed compensation courtesy of my punch. His injury was very minor but I am guessing his claim  made a good reference to dodge working for a living and claim extra benefits. The young man was part of a gang that ruled the neighbourhood. They played gangsters with a bottle of White Lightening on the street corner and phoned the Police when they got their just desserts.... a good hiding.
I had and still don't have any remorse for the youth. I was fined by the Magistrate and it was worth every penny to stand my ground and protect my mother. I work full time and my bosses stood by me because whether you think it's wrong... other human beings who are equally sick of scum-bag youths.... thought I was right.
I have never been in trouble with the law before either. If the Police and the local council took my mothers complaints on board, then it needn't have come to this. All the Police said were... harassment is a difficult crime to prove. So they admit it is a crime then? But because it is difficult to prove, they don't take citizens complaints seriously? I should imagine that my story is not a rare one in this day and age. The beauty about it is, these so called gang members who play gangsters and claim to know Billy big timers, would be thumped by the Billy big timers for ringing the Police and reporting a thump! Funny really when you think about it!