Police Fear More Riots

Police expect a repeat of last summer's riots and believe budget cuts will leave them struggling to deal with the unrest, according to a survey of officers.

Most of the officers caught up in last August's outbreak of violence believe similar rioting is likely, with many citing worsening social and economic conditions as the potential cause, the study found.

They also fear their forces do not have the resources to cope with unrest on a similar scale.

A total of 130 officers from eight forces were interviewed as part of The Reading the Riots research conducted by the London School of Economics and The Guardian.

Most gave anonymous accounts of the riots which spread across London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester and Salford last summer.

Nearly all those interviewed described the unrest as the greatest physical and psychological challenge of their careers and officers of all ranks said they were astonished no colleagues were killed.

One superintendent from Greater Manchester Police said he expected more disorder within the year.

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