Prison Doesn't Work - By A Mum

Hello. I am writing to you to talk about re-offending and how it can be reduced. My son is in prison for his third time and whatever The Prison Service are offering in the form of rehabilitation, it is clearly not working. I know and I understand that everyone is responsible for their own actions, but the Government along with The Prison Service offer courses, anger management, education, detox programmes, and whatever else is on offer. The first time my son went in prison, he came out with a few certificates but was more proud of his six-pack than he was his diploma's.
I am a supportive Mum and have literally done all I can to guide him and help him on to the straight and narrow. Every time I feel he is getting there, he commits another crime and lands back up in jail.
I have spoken to other Mum's who have a son in prison and to be honest, they say the same. I have always been a law abider and I always thought that prison was a place to teach criminals a lesson. For some it does, but for many it simply doesn't. In fact, in the past I have always supported the system and agreed with locking up criminals, but now I am not so sure. Of course I agree with locking up violent offenders and so on, but the fact is, prison is not working and I am not saying this just because my son is in jail, I am saying it because it is a worry. A friend who I work with, her friend's son is in prison and he turned around to his family and said it doesn't bother him. How can anyone say that isn't a worry? I have heard youths swearing at the Police and have even seen them throwing bricks at a Police van. Today's youth aren't bothered about discipline. Look at the ASBO'S.. a fat lot of good they were!!!!