Prison Rehabilitation? - By Michael

Hi. My name is Michael and my son is serving a three-year prison sentence. I clearly heard the Judge mention 'rehabilitation' when he sent my son down. The problem is, my son spends over 20 hours a day plus in his cell and sleeps his time away because there is simply nothing else for him to do. Yes, he has put an application in for education classes because there are no jobs available at present, but my son is literate and has a string of qualifications as well as a trade. How do the Prison Service 'rehabilitate' prisoners? I have come to the conclusion that they don't and they have no intentions of doing so because it is a lucrative business kept afloat by the tax-payers.
My son's probation officer talks about 'rehabilitation' too. She rambles about employment on release from prison. For someone to mention this to a person locked away for 20 hours a day is ludicrous. No offence, but is it really any wonder that probation officers aren't taken seriously half of the time? The only experience my son will gain from his prison sentence is a degree in sleep apnoea! Best Wishes to you and your readers. Michael ( Dad of serving prisoner )