Prison Visiting For The Mentally Infirm - From Anonymous

Hi. I recently joined your Facebook site and would like to talk about the elderly and prison visits. I have read a few posts on your website about it, but would like just to share my story as well.
My brother is in prison and is serving an IPP sentence. My Mum ( which is also his Mum ) is elderly and is in a wheelchair. We have struggled with visits for over 18 months. The prison does have a wheelchair facility but it is a nightmare. We still have to wait in the waiting room amongst other visitors pushing and shoving because they are eager to get in the visits room which is fair enough but it is very awkward for us. My Mum gets very distressed and has slight dementia so she cannot understand some things and gets very confused. She has sometimes forgot where she is and snaps at the prison officers who aren't very understanding sometimes. Basically what I would like to ask you is, is there any extra support for elderly prison visitors and those with a disability or mental health issue.

Comment: Action For Prisoners Families  are recommended and may know of reputable organisations that deal with these issues. Prisoners Families Voices have received a few emails off other family members concerning similar issues. Thank you for emailing us.