Prison Was No Holiday Camp! - By Ex Prisoner

Hi all.. I am responding to a post on your blog about someone saying that prison didn't scare them. I can tell you that it scared the life out of me! I served a year and half in HMP Styal and hated every minute of it.
If it wasn't for another prisoner who talked me round in to keeping my head down and keeping busy doing courses and jobs etc, I don't know how I would have coped. Yes there were women in there who have been in before and to them it was an occupational hazard or whatever you want to call it, and yes they coped pretty well indeed with the regime. But that was their business, not mine.
I missed my children and my family loads and have learnt my lesson ten-fold. I will not be going back that's for sure! I would also like to say to those people who compare prison to an holiday camp that they try prison out to see for themselves because this one certainly wasn't an holiday camp!