Son Bullied Because Of Dad's Imprisonment

Hi there.. My son is 14 and his dad is in prison. His dad was on a methadone programme and had a full time job. He had stayed out of prison for nearly five years until he lapsed and went on a burgling spree to fund his heroin habit. I left him when he went downhill. But all the neighbours and my son's pals knew his dad so when it was in the local newspaper, all the gossips came out in force. No one will say anything to my face, but they are bullying my son calling his dad a dirty smack-head etc etc. My son was excelling at school and now he has been caught playing truant and hit another lad in his class because he couldn't take anymore. I blame his dad for all of this but my son comes first and I have to find him some help because I cannot do this alone. I am just stressed out 24/7 and cannot take anymore right now.

COMMENT: Prisoners Families Voices has emailed the lady who wrote this and has forwarded her a list of support groups and organisations. You can also find a list of helpful charities and organisations on our LINK page at the top of our blog.