Treated Like A Criminal - By Angela P

Dear PFV.. My partner has just recently been sentenced to three years for a section 18 offence. I live in the same neighbourhood as the victim and most neighbours are giving me sly looks and blanking me. The victim had been bullying our son for over 12 months and stupidly, my partner took a swing at him. The Police had been a waste of time dealing with the ASB so my partner took the law in to his own hands. Not good I know but call it desperation as well as stupidity. The thing is, it is me who is getting all the grief now and I have been reporting this to the Police, but because they are taunting me, the Police said that they won't go round to their houses in case it makes matters worse, so what am I supposed to do? Because my partner is locked up, does that mean I immune from making complaints to the Police? The whole thing is making me stressed out and I feel so alone with it all. I have contacted a few of the organisations on your links page and waiting for someone to get back to me. Cheers. Angela P..