Bolton Magistrates Court - By Garry Ex Offender


I read the article on your blog by Prison Widow UK about Bolton Mags Court. I am an ex offender and I am no stranger to this court. I would first like to point out to Prison Widow UK that Magistrate Courts are state run. They are comfort blankets for the CPS. Bolton Magistrates looks like a well kept historic building from the outside - until you are unfortunate to go inside and smell the sweet aroma of urine and chairs you wouldn't sit your pets on let alone a human being. When all said and done, courts are needed. But some sour-faced Magistrates who sit on their 'thrones' and glare at you whilst they pass sentence, are familiar faces on IMB boards. ( independent monitoring board ) During one of my hearings, my partner ( now wife ) attended and sat in the public gallery, ( which is well described by Prison Widow UK ) She couldn't hear a word of what was going on and stood up to go closer to the edge of the balcony. She was ordered to sit down by a toupee groupie magistrate in an abrupt manner. My point is, some of these pompous volunteers on the bench send us to prison and then volunteer to go on a board that monitors the goings-on in the nick. Weirdo's if you ask me!
My missus shouldn't have been spoken to like crap by a toupee groupie. She wasn't in the dock, I was. But that is the way it goes and even prisoners families get it in the neck by the court room. Put a bloody microphone in the court then so that families can hear what is being said and is going on in there. My hearing didn't bother me, the way the snobs spoke to my missus did and I am glad I found your site to give my two penneths worth. On a good note, I haven't been in trouble or back in the nick for 4 years now. I have a job and I am doing just mighty fine with my lovely family. Good luck and best wishes to everyone on your site.