Neighbours Taunt Me - By Eunice

My husband is on remand for fighting. He hit a neighbour and ever since I have been made to feel uncomfortable. They ignore me and it is difficult living where I am at the moment. There have always been neighbourhood problems, but this time it got out of hand. No one was seriously hurt thankfully, but my husband copped for it all because he has a previous criminal conviction. I walked home the other night from college, and the neighbours laughed at me. I hate this situation, I really do. I didn't do anything so why are they punishing me? Sorry if this sounds woe-is-me, but I feel at a loss. From Eunice ( Email )

COMMENT: You're not living on a Contour Homes estate are you by any chance? You're not on your own girl, and what makes me laugh is this, the ones who are laughing at you are probably criminals themselves in their own right! I get similar from my neighbours.. I get dirty looks off the biggest fraudster and benefit cheat on the estate and she amuses me. She's had more bailiff's at her door than the Avon woman! Hold your head up girl because those laughing will be the ones with the most skeleton's in their closets - trust me! 

Prison Widow UK