No family interaction on prison visits - by Donna

Hi PFV. I am wondering if any other parent has the same problem as me when I go to prison visit. My partner is in prison and we have a little boy together. The visits are OK and the prison officers aren't too bad, so it isn't a morbid experience. However, the visits room has activities for children, and whilst I feel this is all well and good, our son will not sit and spend time with his Dad because he wants to go off with the play-worker and join in with the other children. My partner isn't allowed to move off his chair, and we both feel that there is no interaction with us as a family. I appreciate that whoever runs this service for children is great, there's no doubt about that, but our son screams and kicks off when his Dad wants to spend a little time with him. It is soooo frustrating for all of us. Family days are once every so often and those are great too, but there really should be more interaction for families and the prisoner instead of carting children off in another direction to do activities. Does anyone else agree with me or have similar experiences? Thanx x