Paralympics - By Tommy H

As the summer 2012 Paralympics approaches I’m beginning to wonder why there isn’t any excitement and enthusiasm to watch it, apart from the occasional advertisement on channel 4 saying when it starts I haven’t really seen any other so called ‘talk’ regarding it. I haven’t seen News channels supporting it by reminding the public when it starts unlike when they did before the Olympics. I’m starting to wonder what type of society we’re becoming; shouldn’t we be supporting those that have overcome their disabilities? We should be inspired and motivated by the athletes not thinking that the Paralympics is a side show for the Olympics. Why does the Paralympics needed to be hosted on channel 4 instead of BBC is also something that I’ve been thinking about. As we all should know the BBC has far more ratings then other channels such as Channel 4 because of the lack of advertisements and the more popular TV programmes. I’m starting to wonder if we’re almost discriminating against those with disabilities, at the end of the day they’re all human just like you and I and they should have the same amount of publicity and support by the public. Personally I believe that the Paralympics is far more inspiring than the Olympics purely because the athletes have overcome their disabilities and decided that just because they have a disability and people may say that they can’t do something they have proven them wrong and done what they wanted to do. I’m also inspired by the troops that have lost their limbs in the Army and are still motivated to participate in the Paralympics. The Paralympics is not a side show, the Paralympics is inspiration and motivation for the Nation to show that you can overcome things that you may have thought you can’t. I really do hope that more publicity is brought to the Paralympics and I really hope to see the stadiums packed out with people to show them our support.

By Young Writer TOM H ( age 17 )

COMMENT: Well said Tom! Very well said indeed and thanks for your contribution!