Prison Does Not Rehabilitate - By Ex Con ( Ipswich )

I am an ex offender who has spent six years in prison. Many will spend much longer.
Prison does not prepare you for the outside despite what the Government or anyone else says.
I was released with pittance in my pocket and the first port of call is probation and then on to the benefits department to claim jobseekers allowance. This can take some weeks to sort out.
I have no work record for the past six years so my CV contains white lies. With hundreds applying for one job vacancy at a time, the last thing any employer would do is employ someone with HMP on a CV.
Prison is a waste of time. Some need to be in there I know, but prison's aren't establishments to rehabilitate.
Probation will often tell you that you need to break away from old ties and acquaintances. I agree with what they say, but prison throws you in to another circle of acquaintances. You are forced to communicate with other criminals unless you serve your time locked in your cell 24.7. Some of those criminals do not have any intention going straight either, so for the likes of young offenders and prolific offenders, prison is set up to fail individuals.