Prison visits cut short - by Bibby

In respond to the posts about prison and prisoners children, the whole system is operating in the dark ages. The British System is pompous and full of hundreds of old doddering farts. Sorry, but I am in this situation myself and it is how I feel and think about the whole shambles - and it is a shambles. My husband was transferred to another prison 4 hours away from our home town. I used to drive but had to get rid of my car because of financial pressure, so I bank on public transport to get to visit him. I have two children, aged 8 and 6 who are like many other children of that age, an handful. Children of that age are also clever. They know the tiring journey isn't taking us to a great place and they associate it with tears, because our daughter cries when having to leave her Dad. But that's the price of committing crime isn't it? For the criminal yes, but not for two innocent children who are dragged half the way around the country to see their Dad. What he did is his problem. It isn't our children's. Nine times out of ten also, the visits are cut short because of the security checks and how long it takes the prison officers to get the families through to the visit room. I'll repeat it again - it is a Great British shambles. Whoopee, we are given a family day every so often! It's a good day don't get me wrong, but my children, because they are children, expect it every time we visit. Maybe the screws should explain to them that why the 'nice days' are very few and far between!