Probation Officers Are More Understanding - By Anon

I found you through Inside Time the prison newspaper. I have been reading your blog and I would like to say something to some of your readers about the Probation Service.
My partner was recalled to prison last month after getting himself in to some very unfortunate trouble. He had been out of trouble for two years and handed himself to his probation officer to come clean about a charge. She was gutted and understood why did what he did but I won't go in to that. She also said that if it was down to her, she wouldn't breach him but it was the people 'upstairs' that would have to make the final decision. We knew then he would be breached. But I just want to say that his probation team have been bloody superb and have even supported me through this set-back. I think probation officers as a whole are different than they used to be some years ago. But the final decision is simply not down to them regarding recall.