Sleeping all day in prison cell - by Ceri

My partner is in prison on judges remand and cannot even get a job so therefore he is in his cell practically all day. He is depressed and he too sleeps his days away. I know people will probably say tough and that if he was law abiding he wouldn't be there in the first place etc, but he did what he did and is suppose to be there for rehabilitation to prepare him for release to resettle back in to the community on the straight. Is being locked up for 23 hours a day rehabilitation?

Comment: The Ministry of Justice come out with these wise cracks about prisoners families helping to reduce re-offending and so on. They also lie to us by saying they are all for rehabilitation. In cases were prisoners are banged up all day, well, quite frankly that is bull crap at its best isn't it. Maybe their tact is to lock them up all day so they can sleep and continue to sleep on the out so they don't commit more crime! I don't know... any of our readers got any more suggestions on this farce? Contact us with your views!