The Fear Of Hope - By Prisoner Ben

Sitting in the corner of a poly-tunnel at my workplace, the market gardens, surveying my domain and trying to get all the cat hairs of my chair, I am reflecting on the nature of hope.

On two sides of me, very close, is the free world. Within touching distance, it seems, I look at houses on one side and woodland on the other. Waiting for my parole answer sharpens my perspective. A white butterfly is wandering between the greenhouses.

In my position, that hope grows is inevitable. To make open prison a success then we must try to shift our focus from the narrow and introspective world that is prison and lift our gaze to encompass, even embrace, outside. And that cannot be done without a wellspring of hope flowing with increasing power.

This hope is not undiluted. I cannot allow it to be. Of necessity hope must be guarded by the fear that disappointment may be the outcome. And that blow needs to be a burden that is bearable.

Hope can destroy as easily as it can sustain.