The Parole Board & Recall - By Prison Widow UK

Hi folks! We are having a Parole Board week this week, so any comments are most welcome. Click on the Contact link at the top of our page.
Prison Recall? It's a right dodgy one this is isn't it? It takes the Ministry of Justice just hours to recall someone back to prison, but you try and get the buggers out - what an absolute nightmare it is!
Right, OK, this is my story. Daughters father gets recalled to prison charged with a section 47 on a pissed up youth that trespassed on to my property gobbing it off. With CCTV evidence, the case gets thrown out of court. Probation then recommends my daughter's father's immediate release from prison. By the way, this was 4 weeks ago. Now then, take in to account that the chances of my daughter's father getting his full time job back are pretty high, there are no signs of his release. In the meantime, I emailed the recall manager at the Parole Board who emailed me back telling me that he will fax an update through to the prison. The update wasn't an update because there was nothing to update him on because sod all had been done. I left it a week and emailed the same dude at the Parole Board stating that it is an absolute piss take that the tax payers are paying for someone who can be back in to full time employment. I got a reply stating that it wasn't the Parole Board that deals with recall, but the Ministry of Justice. I then phoned probation who told me that their recommended report was 'read' by the recall team at the Parole Board. Well considering the report has requested immediate release from prison, whoever read it mustn't have grasped what it said.
Yesterday, after all this arsing about, we then got told he needs a solicitor who deals with recall. Why? For what bloody reason? Because probation have recommended his immediate release, so why does he need a brief? I rang his probation officer who then told me that she will have to get a senior probation officer on the case because the powers that be won't talk to a probation officer unless they are a senior. But the senior probation officer who did the recommendation is on annual leave. It was quite ironic really because Sky News had posted an article about prison's bursting at the seems stating how overcrowded they are - no fu*king wonder really is it? Pardon my French, but come on.... if the Parole Board would rather keep someone in prison away from a full time job, this so called public service deserves a four part series starring Ricky Gervais! I'll keep you all posted, but in the meantime, send us your stories!