The Prison Service Intentionally Split Up Families - By Kaz

Prison destroys family bonding

In reply to the latest post by Donna regarding prison visits and interaction ( below post ) I would like to say that no matter what anyone does or tries to do regarding prison visits, the answer for me will always be the same - prison destroys family bonding! To be honest, even if there wasn't any activities going on in the visits room, the kids would still run riot anyway. A few months ago, my daughter made her card which was ripped to pieces by the screws in the mail room, or whoever sorts the mail out. She stuck some sticky shapes on to it and it was destroyed by the prison. I should have known better really and didn't think that it was a security issue, but quite clearly it was. So if this happens, in all innocence, then what kind of interaction would the prison service allow for families anyway? I know where Donna is coming from by saying that a better way to spend quality time on a visit should be more involvement and interaction, but I feel the prison service couldn't give a toss either way. It is designed to separate families and children. Lets have it right, why would they entice kids to go and do the activities in the first place without mum or dad being able to join in? It takes the p*ss if you ask me!