HMP Oakwood Disgrace ( Tom's Point Of View )

I’ve just recently read the article regarding HPM Oakwood’s scandal and my instant first impressions screamed “Why”? Is it really necessary to take finger prints and photos of children as young as 2? Not even that I don’t really understand why the prison service would take finger prints and photographs of any family visitor. It isn’t their fault that their loved ones are in prison so why are they being treated like criminals? I can only imagine the fear on a child’s face as they’re searched for drugs and sniffed by sniffer dogs on top of having their fingerprints and photos taken. These measures of ‘security’ make me wonder if G4S are discriminating against prisoner’s families. Personally I think it’s completely ridiculous that G4S would put such harsh security measures in place for prisoner’s families, especially children. They’re not exactly putting the right visions in place of innocent children are they? It’s clear to me that G4S couldn’t even run a bath properly; they fail to put security measures in place at the Olympics for the security of the public yet in prisons they’re treating the public visitors like criminals.

By Tom H ( Young PFV writer and teenage prison visitor )