Hostel is worse than prison - By Paul

I am an ex prisoner who was released in June 2012. I served a 7 year prison sentence.
I have always been a loner and lived with my sister. She passed away in 2010 so I was released from prison in to an hostel that supposedly prepares ex prisoners for the outside world. So far, the only thing they have prepared me for is living amongst drug addicts and heavy drinkers. I am kept awake all night because of the comings and goings, and I feel utterly depressed. Whilst I was in prison, I had positive thoughts of making a new life in the outside world. For the first time in my life I had dreams. I had a positive attitude and I had had enough of prison. My journey began in care homes and young offenders institutes, so for years, institutions were my home, I knew nothing else. My late sister helped me as much as she could but it was down to me to change my life and I had let her down on many occasions. I thought the hostel was a positive move, as did my probation officer. I can only be truthful in saying I wish I was back in prison because I have been released in to a worse place. I cannot think positive because I am deprived of sleep and tortured by noise and disrespectful people. I am trying to overcome this nightmare but it is stressful. The only thing that is keeping me from not walking out and breaching my licence is my sisters memory. How can the authorities and the probation service justify sending ex prisoners to a place that is ten times worse than prison?