Ministry of Justice punish innocent families - by Ann

                                                                 COINING IT IN 

I am replying to the post by K Collier. My partner is in prison on a recall. The MOJ just take the pi*s.
The MOJ have 'lost' my partners papers. No one knows what reports need to go in and when my partner asks someone in prison what is going on, no one knows. My partner has 23 days left to do on his licence and it ends, so he has resigned himself to the fact that he is out for good then. The MOJ haven't got a clue what they are doing and it is as far as I am concerned, a biased load of crap. I wrote a letter on behalf of my partner which I think has not gone in his favour. He has complied with everything asked of him and probation have even recommended his release along with great reports by the prison staff. His recall has nothing to do with him, the MOJ have a gripe with me because I spoke my mind and it really is that simple. A bunch of idiots who are so called decision makers on whether a person is fit for release. It's funny though because I watched a programme the other night about James Bulger's killers and Jon Venables breached his licence on a few occasions and wasn't even recalled back to prison! I am not sure what I expected anyway because if you look at the UK and how it's run, it really is no surprise that the powers that be are thick as two short planks!