No Answers On Prison Recall - By Katie

Hello. My name is Katie and I have a partner in prison on recall. I found a post on recall through a google search and came across your site. I have read some of the posts by other families and what I think it is, is that no one tells the families and the prisoners the process of recall. I have been ringing my partners probation officer for updates and his probation officer tells me he isn't told anything. I asked when the decision makers make a decision on recall and release, and no one knows that either. My partner asks a probation officer in prison and they don't seem to know anything either. We just get fobbed off on the phone.
I agree with others though, as soon as a probation officer breaches someone's licence, they are back in prison like a shot! Everyone can explain how that process works! But getting a release or a decision? No one can tell us anything.