On Probation Blog - By Jim Brown - Probation Officer

Nicky M - Thanks for making the point about the quality of the probation appointment and you are absolutely right! If a client reports, they deserve a decent amount of time and attention to their problems and issues. At the very least this is just common courtesy, and at best good practice and what probation staff get paid for after all. I've written before about 'the 5 minute interview' and the subject regularly crops up on the PFV website. In my view it's just not good enough, but sadly is quite common. Of course there are clients who just want to breeze in and out while their mate keeps the car engine running, and a busy, harassed and stressed officer might be tempted to just 'tick box' them, but it really isn't good enough and people are right to complain. I've also written about endless changes of officer. There are a number of reasons for this, but sadly pretty much all of it is the Service increasingly seeing people as 'cases' to be processed rather than people who have individual needs and feelings. It's something I feel ashamed of and is one of the reasons why I started blogging in the first place.