Parole Board Farce - By A Prisoners Partner

Dear Prison Widow, I would like to share my story about prison recall. My partner was recalled to prison a month ago and his end of licence finishes on November 16th 2012. The stress of hiring solicitors and being messed around by the probation service is too much. It was stressing us both out so now we have resigned ourselves to the fact that he is being released on his end of licence. That way he doesn't need to go to probation any more and he's free of all this rubbish. No one tells the prisoner or their families anything which is disgusting in my opinion. All we get told is that the Parole Board sit when they want to. What a great help that is!!! NOT!
I've even stopped visiting because the whole thing is getting on my nerves. The system is bent as a nine bob note in my opinion and I've washed my hands of it all. If my partner is released before his end of licence date, then that's great, but for now, we have resigned ourselves to a November release. It's all a farce and a waste of tax payers cash!