Pointless Probation Interviews - By Sam

                               MEANINGLESS PROBATION APPOINTMENTS

Hey Guys. Can I just applaud the post by Darren { above highlighted link }
I don't have any problem with any probation officer and most of them I have met have been very polite.
I do though have a problem with the probation service as a whole. My hubby is on licence and he does attend his appointments because if he doesn't, the inevitable happens and it's his own fault if he is recalled back in to custody. Those are the rules and I agree with them whole heartedly. The whole point of being on prison licence is to serve the rest of your prison sentence in the community instead of behind bars. By not attending these appointments, you are risking your liberty and it really is as simple as that. The five minute appointment thing is in my view is abysmal. I agree with Darren when he says that some ex offenders just turn up for turning up sake and aren't bothered about sitting in the probation office for an hour. It suits some people fine. But let us not forget those who are wanting to better their life's. Five minute appointments or interviews cannot possibly be constructive for those needing some support on release from prison. Not only is that meaningless, it is absolutely pointless too. Just as a matter of interest, if anyone from NOMS is reading this, could I ask whether the appointment system has been changed purposely to set ex offenders up to fail?
Why also are ex offenders being bounced from pillar to post with different probation officers every couple of weeks. This swapping and changing issue seems to be across the board. At one time, you were assigned to a probation officer and that probation officer would support you throughout your sentence and release from prison. These days no one knows where they stand because of the pillar to post service.