Prison Recall Is A Power Play Issue - By Nicky M

My experience of prison recall and the parole board is to definitely get a prison law solicitor that deals with prison recall. You will not get any answers off anyone otherwise. My partner too was recalled once, through his own fault mind you, and he was recalled for missing appointments with his probation officer. He did miss quite a lot but I have known of people who have been recalled for missing only a few appointments which is a joke. How does missing a few appointments make a person a danger to the public? One man I know was recalled for this but had rang probation to let them know he couldn't make it. They wanted proof why he couldn't attend and the man couldn't give them proof. Fair enough he should have abided with the rules of probation but how would this make him a risk to the community when he had already been on licence for 14 months without getting in to any trouble? It's all about the Government controlling people and playing the power card. Don't mess about on prison recall and get a solicitor like other people have said.