Prisoners Families Gagged - By Jeanette

Hello everyone at Prisoners Families Voices. I have read some interesting posts about prison recall. What we have to remember is this... Prisoners families are not allowed a voice when it comes to the likes of The Prison Service and the MOJ. I once chased up my partners recall progress myself and suffered the consequences through it because things starting happening such as losing reports. I would say to families who are doing the same to hire a brief and let them do the work because the MOJ will 'teach you a lesson' if you follow these things up yourself. They stall things and require more reports and more reports until you finally throw in the towel and stop bothering. This is how the powers that be gag prisoners families. It is a case of put up and shut up. I'm not saying it's right, but my advice is to leave enquiries up to your solicitor. That gos for any other legal stuff. It is a money spinner because lets face it, if the Government are losing money, hundreds of prisoners who aren't a threat to society would be released. Occupied cells make money... empty ones don't!