Prisoners families who need support - by Heartache

                                           SOME PRISONERS PARTNERS KNOW

Responding to the above link written by a blog reader, I would like to point out that whilst admittedly some prisoners families members know about their loved ones crimes, there is a huge percentage that don't.
I visit prison and have become friends with a lady who has just given birth to a baby boy. Her husband is in prison for a violent offence during a fight when he was drunk. He had never been in trouble with the law before but his offence warranted a prison sentence. I won't go in to the details.
My friend was devastated and went through hell. Her neighbours targeted her despite her being heavily pregnant and a crime that was absolutely nothing to do with her whatsoever. These are the families who need support. I have my own opinions on those who know their partner deals drugs etc and love the spending and holidays, but I will keep that to myself.