Prison's are businesses - By Flo


Hi PFV. I was so angry when I read the story about Paul who is in an hostel after release from jail.
I was angry because the same thing happened to my brother who ended up in a probation hostel himself after he got released from jail. How bad is it when someone would rather be back in jail than live in these dives. My brother breached his licence because of the hostel he was sent to. He complained to his probation officer that he no longer wanted to be there but his probation officer said he had to stay. I am going back six years ago now so maybe it's changed? If not, it is a disgrace that ex prisoners who really want to change their life's around and have beaten an addiction in prison then they are sent to live in conditions surrounded by those who are just glad to be out of jail and scoring their next fixes. I visited the place where my brother was and I wouldn't have housed an animal in it. Some ex prisoners are set up to fail because the Government and their prison's are running a business. How much money do they make for having empty cells? £00.00 that's how much they make!!!!!

( Via PFV email )