Probation Pass Offenders From Pillar To Post - By 'Jane'

Hi PFV and Jim Brown..  My partner is on licence and has been for roughly 14 months. In those 14 months he has had a number of probation officers. Like Nicky M said, my partner too has been seen by probation officers who are having to flick through their files because they haven't a clue about him, his progression on release, or even sometimes, his licence conditions and so forth. I find this disgusting to be quite honest with you. A person goes to prison, has an inside and outside probation officer. These change like the British weather too. They then get released and float through another number of different probation officers who are responsible for managing an offender. My experience and my partners experience is exactly that of a tick-box exercise. Don't get me wrong, some of the probation officers have been very nice and pleasant enough, but for offenders who really want to change their life's around, swapping and changing probation officers every other week ( which it feels like at the moment ) is not constructive for the offender at all. For example, my partner got to know his first probation officer very well. He got on with him like an house on fire and was able to talk openly to him. Then the guy was promoted and my partner ended up with another probation officer. She wasn't particularly friendly and my partner struggled opening up to her. She then went elsewhere and my partner was passed on to yet another probation officer. He now has another probation officer! Sorry but this really is ridiculous. I am a partner of an ex offender on licence and I agree that if you breach your licence conditions then you should face the consequences. What I don't agree with is offenders on licence who are passed from pillar to post. I am led to believe that an offender manager is not only there to keep tabs on people, but there also to confide in and talk to about any issues or struggles they have on release. I have lost all faith in the probation service.