Probation Service Is The Pits ... By Stu

You go to a probation appointments that lasts a few minutes.. you forget to go to your probation appointments and are breached because 'you might be a threat to the public.' I used to sit in the probation waiting room amongst many people who were smacked off their heads on heroin, half asleep on the chair, and on their mobile phones scoring drugs organising to meet their dealer up the road from the local probation office. These people may well have turned up for their appointment... but are they a threat to society? I'll answer that as an ex drug user and offender myself and the answer is yes. There are very few drug users who don't commit crime. Prison's are rife with people who are serving time for drug related offences.
So what is happening here then? You attend your probation appointment off your face and because you have  turned up.. you don't get recalled. Miss a few appointments and you are on the next sweat box to the clink..
I have in the past been recalled to prison through my own stupidity.. but I was never a threat to the public.. but you try telling that to the MOJ.. you are automatically a risk if you miss a probation appointment.. the powers that be make their own judgements off a piece of paper which contains a probation report... what a shame though that there isn't a mug shot of some of those that attend their appointments smashed out of their skulls in the waiting area... I am surprised half of them can remember their damn way there!!!!!
I have also been on a prison wing with lads who were on recall... some of the recall's were pathetic.. some deserved it like myself who thought they could beat the system... I will tell you something else too whilst I am on my soap box... I have seen people dealing outside the probation office and have seen with my own eyes drug users giving phone numbers out to others in the waiting area of the local dealer... so you tell me who is a risk to the public? I got on with my last probation officer who was a top guy... but the probation service in my humble opinion is a waste of time and that is because of these quickie appointments. Rid of the service... save money and get the offenders to sign in at the local police station... probation officers as individuals I have nothing against... I have met some belting officers like I said... but the service as a whole is the pits....