Probation should give more info - By Sue

Hi.. My partner is out of prison now but had been recalled. I got a solicitor involved in the end. One of the main problems is this.. even if probation recommend their release, it is still down to the Parole Board to make a decision, but in the meantime, what we found was that probation do not explain things properly, therefore this leaves the prisoner and their families confused as to what is going on and how the process works. It was our solicitor who gave us all the information and made it clear on what happens etc. If probation are quick enough to recall someone back to prison then they should at least give us the information on how the parole board operate. I have known a good few families to become high rate because they are fobbed off and only told that the parole board sit as and when. I recommend getting a recall solicitor on board because they know the score and at least then you are kept in the loop.