Screw you too! - by a disgruntled Aunt

My nephew is in prison and I reluctantly went on my very first prison visit on Tuesday. I handed over my passport to a prison officer as a form of ID and was stunned. He looked at my passport and slammed it back to me on the desk like I was a piece of dirt. I am a professional person and a law abiding citizen. I do not condone crime and to say I am disappointed with my nephew is an understatement. However, he is my nephew and whatever went wrong in his life for him to commit a crime needs sorting as a family, so I will support my loved ones and that includes my nephew. Why then, was I given the frown, the scowl, and degrading treatment by a young jumped up prison officer half the age of me? Did he find it offensive that I was visiting a criminal? It seemed to be that way, but the simple fact of the matter is, he is working in an establishment that houses criminals who actually pay his wages, along with all the other prison officers that work in HMP. Maybe when I visit my nephew again and receive the same treatment from this young officer, I should remind him of a few facts like why he is employed - he is employed because of law breakers!