The Government Coin It In From Prison's - By K Collier

Hi. I am a fan of your blog and my partner has been out of prison for just over five months.
I have a strong opinion about The Ministry of Justice and the criminal justice system as a whole and think the lot of them are nothing but cowboys. The system has absolutely no intention of rehabilitating prisoners. If rehabilitation existed, the prison's wouldn't be at bursting point. My partner, whilst in prison, worked, and his wages worked out at pence per hour. This is exploitation by factories and The Prison Service who are quite obviously making a tidy little profit between themselves. Prisoners who work should receive wages, not pittance that is used on the ludicrous phone charges. I also think that a percentage of the wage should be given to a victims fund or a charity that supports victims of crime. Lets be realistic here, who in God's name would drag their backsides out of bed on the outside for £15.00 a week? My partner was a model prisoner and cannot find work now he has been released. I know that thousands of other people can't but the fact is, the likes of probation and other support/key workers drum employment in to the heads of prisoners on a frequent basis. The point is, there is no work out here. Hundreds of applicants are applying for one job paying a minimum wage. Hundreds of application forms are binned so it is purely down to pot luck. My partner has now altered his CV by lying about the three years gap whilst he was in prison. I don't blame him and even those who haven't been in prison are telling porky pies on their CV in order to find work. I am also fed up of reading posts on prison officer websites by prison officers who moan and whine about their jobs and prisoners. They would be on the dole queue if it wasn't for criminals and no matter how bad that sounds, it is a fact. That goes for the Police too and the Parole Board. Criminals make the Government money. The likes of G4S are coining it in. Pardon the pun, but it's all a con!!!!

                                                      From K Collier via EMAIL