Degraded by prison dog handler - by Steff

                                                 TREATED WELL ON PRISON VISITS 

Hello everyone at PFV.. I read the post about the woman saying she was treated very well when she went on prison visits.. I am glad she was but my experience is somewhat different. My step brother is in prison and my first visit was awful. I have never taken a drug or smoked in my life but the sniffer dog stopped when it got to me and I was looked at like a piece of dirt by the dog handlers. I tried to make a joke of it because no way was that dog right stopping at me. My step brother is in prison because of a drugs offence and at the time of his conviction he was heavily addicted to heroin. Someone also told me he has been using the drug in prison as well.. I felt like I was set up by the dog handler. I am anti-drugs and have never smoked a cigarette in my life so why would this happen to me? My step brother has a reputation but I don't so therefore why should I be punished because the whole thing made me feel very embarrassed and degraded..

                                                          By Steff via PFV EMAIL