Families anxious at Christmas - From Shirley

Hello PFV. I always read your articles in Inside Time and thought that I would drop you a line. I too have a loved-one in prison in the UK and I am getting stressed out about Christmas. Everyone at work is excited and talking about it and this will be the first Christmas we are going to spend apart. We have three children and I know I have to make the day as special as I can for them but it is going to be hard. I know I am not on my own and there are plenty of other families going through this but I am really dreading it. I guess I just want to vent my feelings and write them down. Another thing I would like to ask PFV is some ideas for letter writing because I am struggling at the moment on what to write because my life is boring lol. Thanks in advance. Lots of hugs from Shirley.

PFV has put Shirley in touch with Prison Widow UK who will definitely be able to help on the letter front!