He would rather stay in prison - by Stu D

I was chatting to a guy yesterday who is in prison on recall. His licence finishes on the 21st October 2012. The funny thing is I read a post yesterday by a lady who stated that any legal issues should be left to a recall solicitor and that if family members get involved ( only trying to help their loved ones ) they seem to get punished for it by the MOJ. ( Ministry of Justice ) The guy I spoke to yesterday told me his missus had been emailing the powers that be to chase up some of his reports. They too lost some of his reports ( how odd ) and yesterday he told me that they can stick their recall and that he now wants to serve the remainder of his sentence which is 21 days because it is too much hassle. In fact, he is phoning his probation officer today to let her know! Comes to something when people would rather stay inside than be arsed with the process of prison recall huh?