Lifestyle change on release from prison - By Anon

I was engaged in a conversation yesterday with a young woman who received some news that her partner was recalled to prison. What shocked me was that she said she is quite looking forward to the prison visits and writing to him and that the whole thing 'excites' her because she is 'in to' her bad lads. Not once did she mention rehabilitation and whether or not their relationship will improve when he is released. She proceeded to comment that he was well off with plenty of money because of his criminal dealings. Apparently he did tell her that he was prepared to 'change.' I clearly pointed out that if he is so called 'loaded' with money due to his criminal activities, would he be prepared to work 40 hours a week in a factory for a minimum wage? Rehabilitating himself means that he would have to change his lifestyle completely and adapt to being up against it in this economic crisis. The young woman couldn't give me an answer. I would like your readers views in this topic.

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