Missing PC!!

A cardboard policeman used as a crime prevention aid in a Yorkshire supermarket has been stolen.
The 6ft life-size cut-out, named PC Bobb, was placed in a Sainsbury's Local store in Shafton, Barnsley, to deter shoplifters.
But it has now been stolen and photos of it have been posted on social networking sites, including appearing at several house parties.
A Sainsbury's spokesman said: "It is bizarre that someone would want to steal our cardboard copper PC Bobb. We'd got used to having him being around and hope he is returned in one piece."
The props have been placed in the windows of stores around Barnsley as a crime prevention measure.
Forces had argued the cut-outs would boost public confidence, deter criminals and make the police more 'approachable'.

PFV offered an idea for extra security, chocolate fire-guards!!