Partner in prison and petrified - By Anonymous

Hi. Call me naive but I hadn't got a clue that my long term partner was a drug dealer. He worked as a mechanic and as far as I was aware, he was working all hours to give us a great life. He always had money but his parents are quite wealthy so I honestly didn't think anything of it. A few months ago our house was raided by the Police and I was petrified. They ransacked our home and our little boy was terrified. I have been with my partner for over ten years and I am heartbroken that he could even think about putting us through this. I am a stay-at-home Mum and am now having to claim benefits to get by. Our house is in danger of being repossessed and I am scared to death. I need someone to talk to and would appreciate it if you know anyone who could offer me some support because I feel alone and scared. Thanks.