Prisoner's Putting Themselves First - By Blog Reader

Hi to everyone at PFV. My partner has been in prison for 6 months and I cannot believe how selfish he is being. We have a four year old son together and my partner is constantly ringing me from prison asking for money. I have been sending him money but now it is coming up to Christmas, I just cannot afford it. I feel very pressured by him and I have my doubts what he is spending the money on because before he was arrested, he was addicted to drugs. In a way I was glad he got sent to prison because I thought it would straighten him out and get him off the drugs but I have heard allsorts of stories about drugs getting in to prison's. This is the first time I have experienced the prison journey so I have no idea what goes on inside prison. I am really at my wits end and it is getting to the stage where I dread him ringing me.

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