Treated well on prison visits - by a prison wife

I have to agree with someone who posted recently on your blog about the treatment of prison officers.
My partner was in HMP Forest Bank and the prison officers treated me and family very well when we visited my partner. He was transferred and we then visited HMP Garth who treated us well too. I have to say this though. When some families moan about the prison officers being offhand, I have often noticed that those who complain have shouted at prison officers in an abrupt manner. There are ways and means of talking to someone. I remember seeing one family member who swore and verbally abused a prison officer and it was bang out of order. I am all for people being treated with respect and when I first started visiting my partner, I admit I had to make a complaint about lost property, but it got resolved and the prison was helpful. I am not saying for one minute that other families haven't had a rough ride, but I am sorry, some families just ask for it by being obnoxious and speaking to prison staff in a rude manner.

                                                             By a prison wife via EMAIL