Can Films Change Lives? - By Action For Prisoners Families


Action for Prisoners' Families Press Release Can Films Change Lives? Action for Prisoners’ Families welcomes Channel 4’s screening of the film ‘Everyday’ at 9pm this evening. The film goes some way towards showing how difficult the imprisonment of a family member is for those left behind.The mother (Shirley Henderson) and four children (real life siblings) in this poignant and moving film are the real focus, rather than the prisoner himself (played by Life on Mars actor, John Simm).Because the film was made over four years, with the actors all growing older and themselves changing, it has an authenticity and realism which is rare in media representations of prisoners’ families. More to the point, the family couldn’t be more ‘normal’ and ‘average’. They completely endorse Action for Prisoners’ Families’ message that getting mixed up in the criminal justice system could happen to anyone’s family, and that the experience tests even the closest of family relationships. ‘Everyday’ is not a campaigning film. It is not tub-thumping agitprop, portraying the prison system as bad and the families as good. Its message is that the mother loves her children and her husband but life is difficult. At one stage, the dad gets caught bringing cannabis in because he’s being threatened by other prisoners. The upshot of this is that he is moved to another prison making it more difficult for the family to visit. His wife (Shirley Henderson) is furious with him for making life even more difficult for her and the family. In another instance she has a ‘fling’ with one of his friends, which she doesn’t tell him about until he is released. In this film no one is perfect, but everyone is doing their best to keep the family together and get on with their lives in difficult times. Congratulations to director Michael Winterbottom, Revolution Films, and Channel 4 for making this film and indirectly helping the work of Action for Prisoners’ Families and showing a positive view of prisoners’ families and the impact of imprisonment on them, on mainstream television. Everyday is on Channel 4 at 9pm Thursday 15 November. Channel 4 information on Everyday Channel 4 trailer ENDS

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