Ex offenders and rejection - by Scott via email

Hi. My name is Scott and I have been out of prison for 14 months now. I have no intention of going back.
The prison in which I stayed in concentrated on rehabilitation, especially the employment aspect of things.
Thankfully, I am pretty much in the know with CV's and I am computer literate which I find useful to search jobs on-line. Obviously because I have been in prison, my CV contains a gap of three years. I have had numerous interviews and I have been honest to some employers about my criminal record because even some production line and warehouse companies are carrying out basic CRB checks. As soon as I disclosed this, the companies never got back to me. I'm not shocked if that's what you are thinking. The problem I have is this. Prison's, Probation Officers and other agencies working with ex-offenders need to make this crystal clear. Prisoners are often bulled-up to find employment and with lots time on their hands to think in prison, offenders convince themselves that they will find a job within a month or even a few weeks after release. This is not the case. Maybe a small percentage have succeeded, but I should imagine it is a small one. As far as probation goes, they have been unhelpful so I am on my own as far as finding employment.
Whilst I was in prison, I met a lad in there who was 100% focused on turning his life around. He had good family support network and two children he said he did not want to let down again. On the day of his release, I wished him well. Within 6 weeks, the same lad was back on the wing.
I have recently read about the prison mentors scheme. I would like to think that this would work, but I have my doubts. I guess prison mentors could offer some great advice on how they have broken the unemployment cycle, but when all said and done, it is down to that individual to put the advice in to practise. That's all well and good but can these prison mentors offer any rejection courses because it is rejection time after time that can destroy ones soul and I have met many a prisoner who have said that prison life is better than the free world at this moment in time. Thanks for listening. All the best to everyone, Scott.