Ex Prisoners Forced To Pay-Day Loan

Its interesting to read about the pay-day loan thing on your blog. I got released from jail about 8 weeks ago.
The prison discharge grant is basically one weeks benefit payment so it isn't much. In fact, I have just got my benefit payments sorted so it has took ages. I had a few job interviews and asked the Job Centre if they would help me with the travel to get to them but they said no they don't do that. So what did I do? I went and got a pay-day loan the other day so I could afford the travel to get to the job interviews. Getting an interview these days is a rarity so there was no way I was missing out because I need a job to straighten myself out. All I needed was the job seekers award letter, proof of who I am and a couple of other bits of ID which I had to hand. It was easy to get a pay-day loan. Very very easy.
Now I have the problem of paying it back when my next benefit is due. Fingers crossed I could have a job by then but if I haven't? Truth is, I can't afford to pay it back but I was desperate to get to the job interviews. What is the Government going to do about it? Ex prisoners applying for pay-day loans in order to get to a job interview? Doesn't sound right does it especially when the Government bang on about rehabilitation and re-offending. Laughable in a sense isn't it? Fair enough, It's my own fault I landed in jail and my own fault I took out a loan that I knew I wouldn't have a cat in hells chance of being able to afford to pay it back, but I want to get on in life and be a better person - so what chance did I really have? No money, no interview - no interview no job!

                                                              From Lee - Via EMAIL