Families who struggle with prison release

Hi PFV. First of all I would like to remain anonymous thanks. I know this is a very touchy subject but I would like to talk about relationship problems when someone gets released from prison. My partner was released 3 months ago after serving a 7 year prison sentence. I stood by him during this time and as crazy as it sounds, we had a brilliant relationship even though he was in prison. I visited him often and we wrote to each other all the time as well as him ringing me lots. The problem with our relationship started when he was released from prison because I hadn't realised how much I had changed and how much he had changed.
It's OK for everyone saying that prisoners families should maintain ties and the rest of it, but prisoners and their families/partners do not get any support on release. It is like we are supposed to carry on as normal but that's not the way it is working for me and my partner. I have been living independently for 3 and a half years and got used to being on my own. My partner although in prison also got used to being in that environment. I feel that we do not get any support and this subject isn't brought up enough. I read a lot of prisoners families but most articles talk about how families cope when a loved one is sent to prison. Thanks for listening.

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