Imprisonment Situations - By Volunteer

Hi to everyone at Prisoners Families Voices. I work as a volunteer supporting prisoners families after my own experience of imprisonment. I would like to make you aware of a subject that isn't often spoken about.
Whilst on my own personal prison journey, I made friends with a very lovely woman whose husband was also in prison. The same prison as my husband as a matter of fact. This lady has given me permission to write about this by the way, so I am breaking no confidentiality and will refer to her as, 'Sue.'
Sue rang me one night in tears and I asked her what ever the matter was. Her son ( 8 years ) used to do all his homework with his Dad and was asking Sue to help him because Dad was of course in prison.
Sue was heartbroken because she couldn't help her son with his home work because she was unable to read and write. Her partner took care of all the bills and other important paperwork and now he was gone, Sue faced a worrying uphill battle. I guess what I am trying to say is that topics like these aren't often mentioned with imprisonment and separation so I would like to give all your readers an insight in to different situations regarding imprisonment.

                                                   By Prisoners Families Volunteer